A critical characteristic that separates sustainable businesses from those that become extinct is the former’s ability to evolve, be flexible, and adapt to market conditions. X-Factor Solutions was certainly not immune to the negative business impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic. However, rather than retreating, we are facing this head-on… considering it to be an opportunity to recalibrate the business, our operations, and our offerings. To that extent, even as our client base paused their respective operations, we looked for areas in which we could both streamline while EXPANDING the business! This may seem counter-intuitive, but these are actually complementary tasks given the current conditions. During this break from our normal routine, we invested time into some inner business reflection. What are the jobs (and which clients are we serving) that are no longer consistent with our core mission or expertise? On a more positive note, where have we grown into new skills and capabilities? What do we continue to do well? Where do we want to be, coming out of this environment… and how do we get there? The results from our (start/stop/continue) strategy session were a list of new and better-defined focus areas that should ultimately result in potential growth into new client bases. Our exercise in streamlining will result in business growth, and we’re excited to continue nurturing these new relationships in the coming months!